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Japan Border Review No. 7 published (Japanese language)


The latest edition of our Japanese-language peer-reviewed journal "Japan Border Review" has been published. This edition includes research based on archival documents, statistical analysis and oral history. Topics include a reassessment of Austria's role in the outbreak of the First World War, the construction of social and cultural boundaries in early Madras (present-day Chennai in India) and the current border regime in Europe. All papers can be downloaded from here.

We are looking for articles and book reviews for the next edition due to be published in 2018. If you are interested, please contact the editorial department (saitok [at] (replace [at] with @).


Austria-Hungary's Ultimatum of 23 July 1914 Reconsidered: The Background of Vienna's Decision-Making in the Memorandum of Friedrich von Wiesner


Boundaries of, in, and around Early Madras: Focusing on 'Christian Town' and 'the Portuguese'


Research Note

Politics of « Borderlands » in the European Union: Construction of a EUropean Immigration Control Regime and Tunisian Refugees after the Arab Spring

NAMBA Satoru

Research Material

The Evacuation Experience of an Okinawan in Colonial Taiwan Who Studied Abroad in the United States: ISHIMINE Chozo's Oral History

SUGANO Atsushi

Book Reviews

Takanori Oishi, Historical Ecology of Ethnic Boundaries: Cultivators and Hunter-Gatherers Living in Cameroon (Kyoto University Press, 2016) (in Japanese)

KONDO Shiaki

Tien-shi Cheng, Hiroyuki Onishi, Hiromi Komori and Teru Sasaki, eds., Passportology (Hokkaido University Press, 2016) (in Japanese)