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BRIT XIV Conference kicks off in Arras, France

BRIT XIV Conference kicks off in Arras, France

    The BRIT (Border Regions in Transition) XIV Conference in France-Belgium successfully kicked off on November 4h, 2014. The theme of this year's conference is "The Border: A Source of Innovation." This year marks the 20th year since the first BRIT conference which was held at the German-Polish border in 1994. This year marks a century since the declaration of the Great War, and the field day traces the border between France and Belgium which was the "front" border that had once split these two territories. The conference will be held for four days and will be hosted in Arras, Lille and Mons (Belgium). Over 200 participants from various places of the world are attending the conference including Israel, Poland, Finland, Tajikistan, India and Nepal, those who actively participated in the BRIT XII conference in Japan-Korea.

    The first day of the conference kicked off in Arras with the opening remarks by the coordinator of the BRIT XII conference, and 8 sessions took place in the afternoon. UBRJ members will be presenting their work on "Border Tourism in Tsushima, Japan" and "Border Tourism around the World." (Written by Akihiro Iwashita)

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