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On the Result of the Project Evaluation of the Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (Research Area Proposal Type)

   In the project evaluation in 2013, “Comparative Research on Major Regional Powers in Eurasia” for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, with a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, received the following evaluation:

   A‾ (It was mainly achieved as expected under the research proposal, but has seen a partial delay.)

   We regret to see a minus in the results, but its cause may be that most of the subjects are under the category of “natural sciences” in this Scientific Research in Innovative Areas, so that a new basis of theories and a concrete perspective were strictly required.

   On the other hand, it was highly evaluated that a new research community crossing the targeted regions has been created in the course of this project, and that the achievements of this project have been energetically presented through the publication of journals and books, as well as at conferences. The high evaluation we received has made me believe that we fulfilled our responsibility while we started from building an unprecedented framework and tackled many difficult themes. I appreciate your cooperation with all the past activities.