Award of the 3rd (Year of 2013) Japan Consortium for the Area Studies Award for Research Planning

   The research project “Comparative Research on Major Regional Powers in Eurasia” (2008-2012) for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (project leader: Shinichiro Tabata), has been awarded the 3rd (Year of 2013) Japan Consortium for Area Studies Award for Research Planning.

   The Japan Consortium for Area Studies (JCAS) consists of research and educational institutes along with learned societies, which are engaged in studies on various global regions, in line with the original purpose to promote information exchanges and joint research activities across organizational borders. The Slavic Research Center is playing its part in JCAS’ activity.

   From the review of the screening committee, the following achievement of the project was highly evaluated: “By comparing the economically highly presented countries of Russia, China, and India, which are placed as regional power countries in the contemporary world, the researchers in area studies, experts in finding the specialization and characterization of these individual areas whose commonality and universality are particularly challenging to clarify, have attempted to present another economic and political model as a new yardstick comparable to leading (advanced) countries’ views. Their endeavor has had an impact while expanding world recognition of Japan, which is undergoing a big transition.”