TopCoordination Group : Outline

Coordination Group : Outline


The coordination group will establish the overall direction of the research, plan and coordinate, liaise regarding Planned Research and Proposed Research, and distribute information about research evaluations and outcomes. It will also play an important role regarding the organization of joint research in this area because of the multiple Planned Research Group involved. For more details regarding coordination group members’ organization and research oversight roles, see the list of members.

Joint research by multiple groups

The main project is scheduled to contain six Planned Research projects organized by discipline; research activities will involve joint research by multiple groups. In the Planned Research projects, Co-Investigators (kenkyu-buntansha, renkei-kenkyusha) and Research Collaborators are required not only to work with their respective groups, but to participate in joint research as well.

Specifically, the following nine joint studies are planned: (1) Energy Security, (2) Environment, (3) Nation, (4) Disparity and Poverty, (5) Gender, (6) Representation of Others and Memory of Empire, (7) Religion, (8) Soft Power, (9) Education. A coordination group member will take charge of each project and organize the participation of research members, cooperative researchers and collaborators of each Planned Research Group. It is also possible that they will organize research collaborations between these groups, and researchers from Proposed Research projects and Project Researchers, selected recently, will also be organized.