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Beyond the Contours of State

The objective of this study is to shed light on the image of regional powers from the perspective of diasporas, networks, minorities and various other groups that go beyond geographical borders and sometimes challenge those very lines. This approach was chosen because the crossing of national borders is a way of bringing countries into sharper contrast and accessing their very substance.

Therefore, the major topics for this research project are: the correlation between nations and religions, and changes in that relationship; and governing issues such as diasporas, networks and internal minorities. This equates to a reconsideration of the determining factors behind the very existence of nations, and will serve to highlight not only the formation of the Eurasian regional powers—Russia, India and China—but the kind of influence they exert on nation forming in surrounding areas such as Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Baltic Sea.

This study will incorporate researchers from a number of areas and disciplines to take an in-depth look at Eurasian regional powers. Simultaneous examination of internal problems (unity of the people, minority issues) and external influence (e.g., by diasporas and other networks) will provide new insights into the ethnic problems and conflicts that have arisen throughout Eurasia.