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SRC Regional Powers Seminar

  • Date & Time: November 7 (Wed..) 16:30-18:00
  • Title: Beyond World-system and Economic Backwardness: Russian Serfdom and Its Aftermath Revisited
  • Lecturer: Alessandro Stanziani (Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris, France)
  • Language: English
  • Place: Slavic Research Center, 4th Floor, Room 401
  • Contact: Kimitaka Matsuzato (011-706-3311)

International Seminar "States, Nations and Secessionist Movements in Slavic Eurasia"(Group 2)

  • Date & Time: 4:30pm - 7:00pm, 9th July (Mon.) 2012
  • Place: Room 702, Okuma Memorial Tower (Bldg. 26), Waseda University
  • Language: English
  • Contact: Keiichi Kubo (Waseda University)
  • Program:
    Session 1:
    Dareg Zabarah (Humboldt University)
    "Opportunity Structures and group building processes: An institutional analysis of the secession processes in Pridnestrovie and Gagauzia between 1989 and 1991"

    Charles King (Georgetown University)
    "The Mystery of Phantom States"
    Session 2:
    Nikola Mirilovic (University of Central Florida)
    "Institutions, Security, and the Politics of Immigration"

    Barbara Junisbai (Pitzer College)
    "Variations on Kazakh-ness: What Internationally Competitive Sports Tell Us about Identity and Nation-Building in Kazakhstan"

SRC-Regional Powers Seminar

  • Date & Time: February 22 (Wed.) 2012, 17:00 - 18:30
  • Title: Reform of the National Police in the Republic of Georgia since 2003: Causes, Consequences, and Lessons
  • Lecturer: Matthew A Light (University of Totonto)
  • Place: Slavic Research Center, 4th Floor, Room 401

Regional Powers Seminar "China, Russia, and the Existing World Order:
Seeking to Overthrow the Status Quo or Merely Pursuing Advantage within It?"

  • Date & Time: November 21 (Mon.) 3:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Place:George Washington University, Lindner Family Commons, 1957 E Street NW, Room 602
Panel 1:
Kimitaka Matsuzato (Hokkaido University) “Muslim Administration in Non-Arab Peripheries: Russia, China, India, and Turkey”

Atsushi Ogushi (Osaka University of Law and Economics) and Yuko Adachi (Sophia University) “The Power and Limitations of Dominant Party Control: United Russia, the Chinese Communist Party, and the Indian Congress in Comparative Perspective”

Discussants: Marlene Laruelle (IERES) and Deepa Ollapally (Sigur Center)

Panel 2
Shinichiro Tabata (Hokkaido University) “Growth in the International Reserves of Russia, China, and India: Implications for the World Economic System”

Yugo Konno (Mizuho Research Institute Ltd.) “Comparison of Trade Liberalizations in Russia, China and India”

Discussant: Jiawen Yang (GW Business School)
This event is co-sponsored by the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (IERES) and the Sigur Center for Asian Studies, the George Washington University.

For more details please see here.

Special Seminar "Regional Powers in Eurasia" (Domestic Politics) Title: "Russia's Democratic Deficit: Origins and Future"

  • Time & Date: 9th March (Tuesday), 10:30 - 12:00am
  • Place: Room 917, 9th floor, Building No.9, Waseda University
  • Speaker: Professor Graeme Gill, Sydney University
  • Contact: Kimitaka MATSUZATO (

Special Seminar (Group 2 & 5) "Regional Powers in Eurasia: Resources for Transnational Influence"