Links: Eastern Europe = Others

• Casey's Police & Fire Museum Travel Guide to Estonia Fire Musuem [http://www.policeguide.com/estonia.htm]

• Museums in Tallinn (Estonia) [http://www.tourism.tallinn.ee/fpage/explore/museums]

• National Technical Museum (Czech) [http://www.ntm.cz/aframes.html]

• The Czech Post Internet Site [http://www.cpost.cz/jetspeed/]

• The National museum of medicine of Ukraine [http://www.histomed.kiev.ua/]

• The Polish Maritime Museum and branches in the province of Gdansk [http://www.abc.se/~pa/mar/musmorsk.htm]

• The Zsolnay Tile Museum [http://www.drawrm.com/ztilemus.htm]

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