Faculty and Staff

Introducing the SRC's Members

Permanent Research Staff

Name Speciality
Russian Studies
YAMAMURA Rihito Comparative Economics, Russian Industry and Agriculture
TABATA Shinichiro
Russian economy and comparative economic studies
Siberian and Far Eastern Studies
David WOLFF Russian, Soviet and Emigre; Siberia and the Far East; Cold War; Northeast Asian Region Construction
IWASHITA Akihiro Russian foreign policy and Sino-Russian relations
Central Eurasian Studies
UYAMA Tomohiko
Modern history and politics of Central Asia; Comparative imperial history Modern history and politics of Central Asia; Comparative imperial history
NAGANAWA Norihiro Modern History of Central Eurasia, Islam in Russia
East European Studies
( Director of the Center )
Comparative politics and political economy, Welfare politics
Comparative studies
NOMACHI Motoki Slavic Linguistics, General Linguistics
KOSHINO Go Russian and Belarusian Literature

Assistant Professors

Name Speciality
TAKAHASHI Sanami Russian Orthodoxy in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russian Culture
Jonathan BULL

Field of specialization: Decolonization and migration history, Sakhalin/Karafuto history

KIKUTA Haruka Contemporary social changes in Central Asia, Emigration and gender
ABURAMOTO Mari Comparative Politics, Contemporary Russian Politics
TAKAHASHI Minori International Politics, Contemporary Greenlandic and Arctic studies
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor
  Name Speciality
  KATO Mihoko International Relations, Russia’s Foreign Policy, Regionalism in East Asia
  GOTO Masanori Cultural Anthropology, Economic activity in Russia

Foreign Visitors Fellows (2017)

Name Speciality  [Research Topic at the SRC] Position; Place of Work
Jańczak, Jarosław [Construction and Deconstruction of Integration Projects’ Borders in Eurasia: The Case of Western and Eastern “Edges” of Russia ] Associate Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, Adam Mickiewicz University / European Studies Chair, European University Viadrina
Kuznetcov, Sergey
[Russian-Japanese Relations: Diplomacy and Diplomats of XIX-XX Centuries] Professor, Department of World History and International Relations, History Faculty, Irkutsk State University
Malikov, Azim [“Holy Lineages” in the Turkestan General-governorate (1867-1917): Social and Cultural Transformations] Senior Research Fellow, Institute of History at the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulughbek
Šipka, Danko [Lexical Layers of Slavic Cultural Identity] Professor, School of International Letters and Cultures, Arizona State University
Suslov, Mikhail [Cross and Cosmodrome: Religious Science Fiction in Contemporary Russian Literature] Marie Curie Researcher, Uppsala Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Uppsala University
Viktorov, Ilja [Russia’s Monetary Power Autonomy and Its Limits] Lecturer, Researcher, Department of Economic History, Stockholm University

Foreign Visitors Fellows (2016)

Wojnowski, Zbigniew [Building Capitalism in the Socialist Bloc: Music Industry in Soviet Eurasia, 1976-1991] Assistant Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nazarbayev University

Library and Information Service Staff

Name Speciality
TONAI Yuzuru SRC head librarian
OSUGA Mika Publications