Faculty and Staff

Permanent Research Staff

Russian Studies Professor: Shinichiro Tabata

Shinichiro Tabata
Specialty: Russian economy

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Associate Professor: Daisuke Adachi

Daisuke Adachi
Specialty: Modern Russian literature

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Siberian and Far Eastern Studies Professor: David WOLFF

David Wolff
Russian and Soviet history

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Professor: Akihiro Iwashita

Akihiro Iwashita
Specialty: Border studies

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Central Eurasian Studies Professor: Tomohiko Uyama

Tomohiko Uyama
Specialty: Modern history and politics of Central Asia

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Professor: Norihiro Nomachi

Norihiro Naganawa
Specialty: Modern history of Central Eurasia

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East European Studies Professor: Manabu Sengoku

Manabu Sengoku
( Director of the Center )
Specialty: Comparative politics and political economy

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Comparative Studies Professor: Motoki Nomachi

Motoki Nomachi
Specialty: Slavic linguistics

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Assistant Professors

Minori Takahashi
Specialty: International Politics, Contemporary Greenlandic and Arctic studies

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Yoichi Isahaya
Specialty:History of Premodern Central Eurasia, Mongol Empire and Sciences
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Specially Appointed Assistant Professor


Mihoko Kato

Specialty: International Relations, Russia’s Foreign Policy, Regionalism in East Asia

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Masanori Goto
Specialty: Cultural Anthropology

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Library and Information Service Staff


Yuzuru Tonai

SRC head librarian

Mika Osuga


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