New Director of SRC Tetsuo Mochizuki

mochizuki     Tetsuo Mochizuki

  Professor Akihiro Iwashita has left his vivid footprints as he stepped down and completed his directorship of the Slavic Research Center (SRC) at the end of July 2010 with magnificent achievements. Tetsuo Mochizuki is serving his second directorship in 15 years. If this was a ball game, this second term could be referred to as “one point relief” by one of the old timers until the “ace” of the new generation steps onto the pitching mound.

Our center is responsible for two grand projects, the grant-in-aid GCOE program “Reshaping Japan’s Border Studies” led by Professor Iwashita and Cross Disciplinary Studies “Regional Powers” led by Professor Tabata, as well as SRC’s educational programs such as the “International Training Program” led by Professor Matsuzato, Professor Ieda and Professor Wolff and the graduate school education (Studies on Slavic Society and Culture) organized by Professor Uyama. The center has been blessed with the crème de la crème of young scholars and researchers and my duty as the director of this center is to make sure that this horse carriage moves smoothly and swiftly while daydreaming of the grasslands of the far and distant Slavic region.

However, your support and cooperation is imperative for the SRC to contribute to the Slavic and Eurasian Studies in Japan and the world and as well as to function as a Joint Usage/ Research Center designated by the Japanese Ministry of Education (MEXT). Thus, we kindly ask for your continuous support and cooperation and I sincerely hope that the SRC can continue to function as a forum for scholarly exchange among scholars and researchers of Slavic and Eurasian Studies in Japan and all over the world.


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