The SRC (Hokkaido Univ.) -CNAPS (The Brookings Institution)
Joint Symposium on
“The US-Japan Alliance: Beyond Northeast Asia” is to be held on May 8, 2009

Hokkaido University’s Slavic Research Center and the Brookings Institution’s Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies co-organized a symposium on “The US-Japan Alliance: Beyond Northeast Asia.” This ground-breaking event was successfully held in Washington DC on May 8, 2009. This event aimed to involve US foreign policy communities on Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe—which have little interests in Japan’s commitment to these areas—and to reshape Japan’s presence and image within the US Northeast Asian policy circles. More than a hundred audience members were in attendance to witness the heated discussions among the US and Japan panelists. On the eve of the event, the Japanese Embassy invited distinguished US and Japanese guests to support Washington foreign policy communities. Kenji Shinoda, Minister and Deputy Chief of Mission Embassy of Japan, and Tadayuki Hayashi, vice president of Hokkaido University, delivered congratulatory speeches.

Below is the finalized program and summary of the opening remarks by Akihiro Iwashita, director of the Slavic Research Center. The details of the discussions on the symposium will be posted soon.

The Symposium Program
The Opening Remarks by Akihiro Iwashita, director of the Slavic Research Center
The Summary of Japan’s Panelists’ presentations




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