Reflections on Negotiation and Mediation:
 The Frozen Conflicts and European Security

March 19, 2009, by William H. Hill  

The SRC hosted an official luncheon on March 6 for the Winter International Symposium: “The South Ossetian Conflict and Trans-border Politics in the Black Sea Rim.” The speaker was William H. Hill, currently a Professor of National Security Strategy at the National War College in Washington, DC. Dr. Hill, a retired Foreign Service officer, is an expert on Russia and the former Soviet Union, East-West relations, and European multilateral diplomacy. Most recently he served two terms – January 2003-July 2006 and June 1999-November 2001 – as Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova. As Head of the OSCE Mission, he was charged with negotiating a political settlement to the Transdniestrian conflict and facilitating the withdrawal of Russian forces, arms, and ammunition from Moldova.



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